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I was worried that my credit wouldn't be high enough to let me get a car loan. I applied anyway and you guys found a dealer in my area that would work with me. Thank you! Now I have a reliable car that gets me to and from work every day.

- Stephanie Beck, AZ
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Admittedly, finances are not my husbands or my favorite thing. Luckily we saw an ad for CarLoanPal because all I had to do was give them my info and they found a car dealer and lender to work with us. Wish our home loan had been that easy.

- Loretta Budge, VA
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I didn't want to be stuck in a high interest car loan because I have a family and other major expenses. helped me find a dealer that I swear, packaged a loan just for me. I barely had to do anything except show up and choose my car.

- James Hardin, FL
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