How Much Do States Tax a Gallon of Gasoline?

How Much Do States Tax a Gallon of Gasoline?

Last Updated: Wednesday 20th of April 2011 @ 08:52:32 PM

Following up on our previous article about which states have the highest and lowest gasoline prices we thought it would be important to discuss how much each state taxes gasoline by the gallon.

In order to answer this question we consulted data provided by the American Petroleum Institute. The API calculates the tax placed on each gallon of gas by accounting for the standard state tax rate and also includes other taxes that are included in the price of gas. These other taxes differ for most states and not all of them have them impacting the price of gasoline.

The gasoline taxes below are the total state tax for a gallon of regular gas.

State Total Tax per Gallon (in cents) 
Alabama 20.9
Alaska 8.0
Arizona 19.0
Arkansas 21.8
California 47.7
Colorado 22.0
Connecticut 45.2
Delaware 23.0
D.C. 23.5
Florida 34.4
Georgia 20.8
Hawaii 45.8
Idaho 25.0
Illinois 42.8
Indiana 37.2
Iowa 22.0
Kansas 25.0
Kentucky 22.5
Louisiana 20.0
Maine 31.0
Maryland 23.5
Massachusetts 23.5
Michigan 37.7
Minnesota 27.2
Mississippi 18.8
Missouri 17.3
Montana 27.8
Nebraska 27.3
Nevada 33.1
New Hampshire 19.6
New Jersey 14.5
New Mexico 18.8
New York 47.2
North Carolina 32.8
North Dakota 23.0
Ohio 28.0
Oklahoma 17.0
Oregon 31.0
Pennsylvania 32.3
Rhode Island 33.0
South Carolina 16.8
South Dakota 24.0
Tennessee 21.4
Texas 20.0
Utah 24.5
Vermont 25.0
Virginia 19.7
Washington 37.5
West Virginia 32.2
Wisconsin 32.9
Wyoming 14.0
Source: 2011 State Motor Fuel Excise Tax Report

The average for all states is 29.7 cents per gallon of gasoline. People in the following five states should be happy to know that they have the lowest gasoline taxes: Alaska, Wyoming, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Oklahoma. The top 5 most taxed states are California, New York, Hawaii, Connecticut, and Illinois.


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