Weekly Car Loan Interest Rates 11-30-2012

Here is a look at the national car loan interest rates average as of 11/28/2012. The rates listed below are according to BankRate.com. Rates remained the same in for 60 month new car loans and 36 month used car loans while 48 month new car auto finance rates dropped .01 points.

Auto Loan Rates 60 Mo New Car 48 Mo New Car 36 Mo Used Car
11/28/2012 4.25% 4.16% 4.96%
11/21/2012 4.25% 4.17% 4.95%
11/14/2012 4.25% 4.17% 4.95%


Here is a look at the average local rates for random cities using the most common car loan rate lengths. Rates typically vary based on region. Interest rates are based on available local offers.

City 60 Month New Car Loan 48 Month Used Car Loan
St. Paul, MN 3.68% 4.48%
Henderson, NV 5.09% 3.52%
Elizabeth, NJ 3.87% 4.66%
Source: bankrate.com - based on available local offers

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